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While I believe this may be the explanation, the entire nature and description of shadow people is so vague that countless physical, psychological and medical conditions could be fingered as the culprit. The old adage, "When you hear the sound of hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras" certainly applies in this instance.

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Some in the paranormal community are using everything from home-brewed pseudoscience to exotic quantum theory to explain the existence and reality of shadow people. Real entities? There are much more important things to do than to go chasing after shadows. As with entities presenting themselves in shadow form mentioned above, those manifesting as hooded or monk-like figures are not stopping by to say "Hello", have a cup of coffee and gossip about the neighbors. These entities are invariably of the negative variety and, depending on the onset and timeline of their appearance, usually an indication of one of the following scenarios:.

You may, or may not, be able to identify what that incident or practice was by researching records and combing old newspaper stories related to the property or address. As always, neighbors and your town's longtime residents can be invaluable in your quest to uncover the facts. And, as always, landlords will usually be tight-lipped and deny any knowledge. There is also a variation of this scenario in which the "item" the negative entity attaches itself to is a person.

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If you or anyone you know is going through a particularly rough physical or emotional period, never knowingly visit a known or suspected haunted location. The rules are very simple and, like much in life, positive attracts positive and, unfortunately in this scenario, negative attracts negative. I cannot stress often enough that physical pain or emotional angst act as an irresistible magnet for negative entities.

Once again, a vital clue is the timeline; try to remember what you brought into your home or where you visited immediately before things started happening. Such religions spook many in the field of paranormal investigation, and not without reason. The reason? The negativity that is inherent in the customs and practices. The result? A fairly potent and toxic paranormal soup.

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  • But please allow me to step off the always politically correct world in which we live and, as a paranormal investigator and former law enforcement officer in the real world, give them my real world reply: Bullshit! I have never been very religious and, as my time as a paranormal investigator has progressed, have become even less so. As I have said elsewhere on these pages, I believe there is "nothing abnormal about the paranormal", only that we don't yet understand it. Traditional science doesn't apply and will never have the answer but, perhaps, theoretical physics someday will.

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    Chickens are the animal of choice, but anything convenient with fur or feathers will do. Never attempt to confront these individuals, and always keep in mind that it is their religion, and they have every right to practice it. However, what they do not have is the right to break the law and, if you feel that laws have been broken, notify the authorities. They have experience in dealing with these sensitive situations; there is a fine legal line between religious freedom and the law.

    I have found that hauntings tend to be contextually perceived and closely parallel the religious beliefs of those being haunted. If you are Roman Catholic, your perception of your haunting will be influenced by those teachings, and perceived as more 'demonic' in nature.

    Sometimes successfully. Go to a Methodist or Presbyterian church? Rather tame and reserved by comparison and, if there are such things as generic hauntings by plain vanilla ghosts dressed in khakis and button-down Ralph Lauren shirts, those are the households where they will likely be found. I'm sorry, but there is nothing spiritually uplifting or positive about chopping off a live chicken's head in your apartment, sticking it with pins, and leaving it at your neighbor's doorstep because you're pissed at them. Those tenants may leave, but the negativity remains for the unsuspecting new tenants to deal with.

    A fresh coat of paint may cover the animal blood, but does nothing to suppress the haunting by negative entities drawn to that type of activity. Still, if you are now encountering problems and hear talk among your neighbors of the former tenant or owner's ritualistic religious practices, especially if involving animals, your place may have housed such activity. Landlords will, once again, be virtually useless in your quest to uncover the source of your haunting; privacy concerns and their general unwillingness to discuss anything to do with the paranormal will lead you nowhere.

    Have you gotten the impression that I have little patience for this 'religion'? You are absolutely correct. Is that the politically correct thing for me to say? No, but it is the reality. And to those who will undoubtedly be offended by what I have said, a reminder that I prefer chicken heads be left at my front doorstep, not the back.

    Thank you. Almost universally accepted as fact even by those not quite convinced that ghosts exist, nearly everyone has a story or experience to relay concerning a child seeing an otherwise invisible person.

    I am certainly a member of that group. With the few rare exceptions, I've attempted not to make my website and blog about anecdotal ghost stories, instead choosing to focus on information that may help others with their paranormal issues.

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    However, as this happened very recently and is typical of the phenomenon, I've decided to include it. Mine involves my great niece, Emma Emma is 3 years old and a very normal, happy kid; she's also super-smart. Yes, I know Emma was visiting her "Nana" my sister and wanted someone to pull her in her wagon that was outside. My brother-in-law took her outside, placed her in the wagon, and proceeded to pull her down the long, dirt driveway abutting their property that leads to the neighbors house, which sits considerably back and deeper in the woods from theirs.

    While in the wagon, Emma became hysterical and terrified, screaming that the "old man" wanted them to get off his driveway. As no one else was there, Bruce my brother-in-law naturally asked, "What old man? He says his name is Phil". Shocked at her response and because Emma was still scared silly, playtime abruptly came to an end and they again headed indoors. True, Phil was indeed their neighbor. It's also true that Phil was short in stature, elderly and frail. The only problem with this incident is another truth: Phil had died five months before.

    Now, that's just not supposed to happen, is it? The house now sits 'empty' waiting for a buyer Skepticism is an excellent quality for a paranormal investigator; those who are not will believe almost anything is paranormal, even if there's a very rational explanation. Phil had been ill and housebound for most of her life; they had no chance for interaction, especially without a adult being present and remembering.

    Emma was only visiting, and didn't live at the house and, in any event, Phil would not have been a topic of conversation. How, then, can this be explained? It can't, unless you accept that Phil was still standing guard over his property. I don't have to tell you that incidents such as these involving kids are far from unusual; you've probably had your own.

    It's a common component and staple in paranormal investigations of family homes. Perhaps your child's 'imaginary friend' isn't so imaginary after all?

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    Some in the paranormal field have suggested that children have not yet "learned" to block this ability; as we get older and less innocent we lose our connection to whatever it is that allows us to "see dead people". Unfortunately, there's not a ounce of valid science to back that theory and, from a neurological perspective, it really is the opposite of what we would expect.

    On the homepage of this website I stated, "Here you will find answers". Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you on this one, but I have none. However, I do acknowledge that it's a very real and common phenomenon. On first thought, it may seem logical to assume that the younger your child, the more impact, but that is not always the case.

    While you should be concerned for all family members, including pets, younger children up to 4 or 5 years of age often have an ability to 'roll' with such activity, provided that activity is not intense or mean-spirited. The not-so-imaginary 'imaginary friend' scenario mentioned above is a perfect example.

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    • Short attention spans and memories, as well as an incomplete sense of what the world is supposed to be, often act as a buffer. Older children and 'tweens, however, are another issue. Being old enough to know what is happening, yet not old enough to emotionally process, understand and deal with a haunting, is a terrifying mix. While it may be nothing more than an overly-active imagination, d o not dismiss their concerns. Many times they are the first contact and focus of an entity due to emotional turmoil inherent at that age, and are often the first in the household to realize that things are not as they should be.

      Listen to what they have to say.

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      So, what about the family cat or dog? For obvious reasons, this one is even more difficult to decipher but, in many ways, could actually make more sense. Science tells us that visual systems of most animals have very different spectral sensitivities than those of humans, usually unique evolutionary adaptations to ensure the survival of each given species.

      Since we cannot connect our optic nerves to their eyes sounds like a shlocky tagline from a 50s "B" horror film Half Canine. All Terror!