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Herrin Roxana wird ihren Sklaven disziplinieren!

Facesitting punishment for the slave - small version

Denn sie duldet keine anderen Herrinnen neben sich. Das wird er jetzt schnell verstehen Und deshalb setzt sie sich jetzt mit ihrem Jeansarsch auf sein Gesicht und quetscht ihm seine Sklavenfresse damit platt. Dieser Stoff ist aber auch ein wirklich harter Jeansstoff! Nie wieder wird er sich wagen, eine andere Herrin aufzusuchen! You noticed the strikingly colorful nylon tights of Mistress Anfisa. She sees how she arouses your enthusiasm and shows you what you want to see.

She slowly pulls up her dress and drops it again. She takes your curiosity to the extreme and plays with you! You are helplessly at the mercy of her mind games and then she shows you her perfect nylon ass!

  1. Sonata No. 3 E Major D459 - Piano.
  2. The Night of January 16th.
  3. Geeks On Call Security and Privacy: 5-Minute Fixes?
  4. Silver Apples of the Moon;
  6. Midnight Grinding.

Oh yes! You are addicted to her nylon ass because it makes you so horny Herrin Anfisa sieht, wie sie deine Begeisterung weckt und zeigt dir, was du sehen willst. Sie treibt deine Neugier auf die Spitze und spielt mit dir! Du bist ihren Psychospielchen hilflos ausgeliefert! Und dann zeigt sie dir auch noch ihren perfekten Nylonarsch! Oh ja! Ihrem Nylonarsch bist du verfallen, weil er dich so scharf macht Goddess Vanny has ordered her slave to her feet so he can worship them properly.

To start with she lets the pathetic loser kiss her black patent high heels before he's allowed to take them off. She shows him exactly the way in which he has to smell her feet and enjoys the attention. Inch by inch, the slave kisses her divinely and the Goddess makes sure that he doesn't use his tongue, because that is only allowed to him after she gives him the command.

The Goddess has a lot of fun by giving him strict orders on how to blow her toes and she watches keenly that every single toe gets the same affection. After all it shouldn't get too easy for the foot slave, right? Gossip, gossip! Mistress Amy gives her slave one hard slap after the next until his face is bright red.

As a tasty addition he gets a huge load of spit right into his mouth! Swallow it!

Sklaventraining 2: Domina Lady Sas erzieht dich noch intensiver

But this is not enough for Mistress Amy. She slaps harder and more powerfully into his face. His cheeks and his whole head will glow as the stupid slave counts every blow! To beat him only with her hands bores Mistress Amy after so long. She has a better idea and decides to torture him with kicks to the face too. A drumbeat of kicks rains down on his face What hard torture for the slave! Ein Trommelschlag aus Tritten prasselt nun auf sein Sklavengesicht hernieder You want to see more of this?

Mistress Anfisa's jeans ass is simply perfect! She then shows you a small detail, which is very important for you She pushes her jeans ass all the way out so that the lace g-string peeks out over the top of her pants. Damn, that looks awesome! Mistress Anfisa plays with your fantasies and drives you completely out of your mind!

Davon willst du mehr sehen! Der Jeansarsch von Herrin Anfisa ist einfach perfekt! Sie streckt ihren Jeansarsch so weit raus, dass der Spitzenstring oben aus der Hose heraus schaut. Verdammt, sieht das geil aus! Who the hell do you think you are to stare at Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna in that way?!

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A loser like you has no right to look at the Mistresses and now you're going to learn your lesson. Both of the Mistresses stomp on you, insult you and humiliate you until you're not moving anymore. Hopefully, that was a clear lesson for you! Was glaubst du eigentlich wer du bist?!

Frau Körsche mit ihrem Sklaven Mumba *Teil 1 [Great Lakeside]

Hoffentlich war dir das eine Lehre! That's a lot of spit! Lady Sara lets it run over her velvet lips. You have never seen so much hot spit all at once! Her spit drips on her hands and Lady Sara starts to play around with it. She pulls long strands of spit between her fingers. For YOU there is nothing that makes you as horny as lots of spit! You watch Lady Sara keenly to see what she will do next with her spit You want to see her make such as mess!

So viel geile Spucke hast du noch nie auf einmal gesehen! So eine Manscherei ist genau dein Ding!

il parnaso 17 italian edition Manual

Goddess Vanny's ass looks really hot! And YOU can look at her sexy ass in these short sexy jeans today. You can't resist the sight and you love to see how she moves her awesome jeans ass right in front of your eyes, back and forth. So buy this hot clip and enjoy the sight of her sexy ass in these tight jeans! Und DU darfst dir heute ihren geilen Arsch in dieser kurzen sexy Jeans ansehen. Genau das willst du sehen! Also kauf dir diesen sexy Clip und geniesse den Anblick von ihrem sexy Arsch in dieser knallengen Jeans!

Mistress Jane comes home after her workout and all she wants to do is just to relax on her couch, but you're disturbing her with your staring! The Mistress decides to punish you for your outrageous behavior.

She orders you to smell her sweaty socks and stick your nose deep into her smelly sneakers. She enjoys watching while you breathe in the disgusting smell and she knows just how much you enjoy the punishment, you little loser! Sie hat viel Spass dabei zu zusehen, wie du den ekelhaften Geruch einatmest. Look at the beautiful and groomed hands of Lady Kara!

She knows that you like tender hands and lets you get very close to them.

You are so close that you can see how soft and smooth her hands are.