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This thinking, however, is changing. Introversion is simply one end of a personality spectrum that has its opposite in extroversion. He described introverts as preferring small groups of people to large groups, and enjoying activities such as reading, writing, and thinking. So, while people tend to be more introverted or more extroverted, most fall somewhere in the middle. Though they may be harder to identify, introverts make up approximately one third to half of the population, or one out of every two or three people.

Cain, who worked as a Wall Street lawyer for many years, noticed that she struggled to adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle that seemed to come so easily to her peers, and had difficulty enjoying herself in crowded bars and large groups, feeling that she was more suited to a life of writing and quiet dinners with friends. The author-turned-public speaker admits that it took years to come to grips with her introverted nature in a culture that is strongly biased toward extroverts.

Can Introverts Be Great Leaders in Business? Say Heck to the Yeah

In , only a handful of students raised their hands. Two years later, more than a third of the students raised their hands.

The important thing for the introverted entrepreneur to remember is, as Cain advises, to put yourself in the zone of stimulation that is right for you. Discomfort in entrepreneurial endeavors such as networking, speaking engagements, and leadership may seem like personal weaknesses, but with minor adjustments, they can actually become strengths. Maximize your leadership potential as an introvert. In his experiment, Grant looked at the profits of pizza delivery franchises, and analyzed the different management styles.

He found that proactive employees earned higher profits under an introverted manager, while non-proactive employees earned better under an extroverted manager. More broadly, you may achieve better outcomes from workers simply by letting them run with their ideas.

Consider an extroverted partner. A famous example of this is Steve Wozniak introvert and Steve Jobs extrovert , the pair that went on to start Apple Computers. Lisa experienced a pivotal event that made her realize she had to change the way she did things.

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She wanted more. Have you ever had one of those moments? Instead of giving in to her internal demons and ditching the party, Lisa squared her shoulders, put her fears aside and went. And what she discovered surprised her — a relatively empty room! And what happened as a result of Lisa making it to that party also surprised her.

That experience, and the fact that she moved toward the first step — and conquered her shyness made a big difference. And she learned two important lessons that stuck with her and which have become part of her foundation for success:. Avoid Avoidance. Get out of your comfort zone. On a regular basis.

An Introvert’s Guide to Successful Leadership - Jody Michael Associates

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