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In fevers not of the intermittent type, expectorations which are livid bloody, fetid and bilious, are all bad; but if evacuated properly, they are favorable. So it is with the alvine evacuations and the urine. But if none of the proper excretions take place by these channels, it is bad. In fevers not of the intermittent type, if the external parts be cold, but the internal be burnt up, and if there be thirst, it is a mortal symptom.

In a fever not of the intermittent type, if a lip, an eye-brow, an eye, or the nose, be distorted; or if there be loss of sight or of hearing, and the patient be in a weak state-whatever of these symptoms occur, death is at hand. Apostemes in fevers which are not resolved at the first crisis, indicate a protracted disease. When in a fever not of the intermittent type dyspnoea and delirium come on, the case is mortal.

When persons in fevers, or in other illnesses, shed tears voluntarily, it is nothing out of place; but when they shed tears involuntarily, it is more so. In whatever cases of fever very viscid concretions form about the teeth, the fevers turn out to be particularly strong. In whatever case of ardent fever dry coughs of a tickling nature with slight expectoration are long protracted, there is usually not much thirst. Sweat supervening in a case of the fever ceasing, is bad, for the disease is protracted, and it indicates more copious humors.

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When in fevers there is deafness, if blood run from the nostrils, or the bowels become disordered, it carries off the disease. When jaundice supervenes in fevers before the seventh day, it a bad symptom, unless there be watery discharges from the bowels. In whatever cases of fever rigors occur during the day, the fevers come to a resolution during the day.


When in cases of fever jaundice occurs on the seventh, the ninth, the eleventh, or the fourteenth day, it is a good symptom, provided the hypochondriac region be not hard. Otherwise it is not a good symptom. When the urine is thick, grumoss, and scanty in cases not free from fever a copious discharge of thinner urine proves beneficial. Such a discharge more commonly takes place when the urine has had a sediment from the first, or soon after the commencement. When in fevers the urine is turbid, like that of a beast of burden, in such a case there either is or will be headache.

In cases which come to a crisis on the seventh day, the urine has a red nubecula on the fourth day, and the other symptoms accordingly.

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When the urine is transparent and white, it is bad; it appears principally in cases of phrenitis. When the hypochondriac region is affected with meteorism and borborygmi, should pain of the loins supervene, the bowels get into a loose and watery state, unless there be an eruption of flatus or a copious evacuation of urine. These things occur in fevers. When there is reason to expect that an abscess will form in joints, the abscess is carried off by a copious discharge of urine, which is thick, and becomes white, like what begins to form in certain cases of quartan fever, attended with a sense of lassitude.

It is also speedily carried off by a hemorrhage from the nose.

When small fleshy substances like hairs are discharged along with thick urine, these substances come from the kidneys. In those cases where there are furfuraceous particles discharged along with thick urine, there is scabies of the bladder. In those cases where there is a spontaneous discharge of bloody urine, it indicates rupture of a small vein in the kidneys. In those cases where there is a sandy sediment in the urine, there is calculus in the bladder or kidneys. If a patient pass blood and clots in his urine, and have strangury, and if a pain seize the hypogastric region and perineum, the parts about the bladder are affected.

If a patient pass blood, pus, and scales, in the urine, and if it have a heavy smell, ulceration of the bladder is indicated. When much urine is passed during the night, it indicates that the alvine evacuations are scanty. If a drunken person suddenly lose his speech, he will die convulsed, unless fever come on, or he recover his speech at the time when the consequences of a debauch pass off. Such persons as are seized with tetanus die within four days, or if they pass these they recover.

Those cases of epilepsy which come on before puberty may undergo a change; but those which come on after twenty-five years of age, for the most part terminate in death. In pleuritic affections, when the disease is not purged off in fourteen days, it usually terminates in empyema. Persons who escape an attack of quinsy, and when the disease is turned upon the lungs, die in seven days; or if they pass these they become affected with empyema. In persons affected with phthisis, if the sputa which they cough up have a heavy smell when poured upon coals, and if the hairs of the head fall off, the case will prove fatal.

Persons who become affected with empyema after pleurisy, if they get clear of it in forty days from the breaking of it, escape the disease; but if not, it passes into phthisis. Heat produces the following bad effects on those who use it frequently: enervation of the fleshy parts, impotence of the nerves, torpor of the understanding, hemorrhages, deliquia, and, along with these, death. Cold is inimical to the bones, the teeth, the nerves, the brain, and the spinal marrow, but heat is beneficial.

Such parts as have been congealed should be heated, except where there either is a hemorrhage, or one is expected.

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  • Cold pinches ulcers, hardens the skin, occasions pain which does not end in suppuration, blackens, produces febrile rigors, convulsions, and tetanus. In the case of a muscular youth having tetanus without a wound, during the midst of summer, it sometimes happens that the allusion of a large quantity of cold water recalls the heat. Heat relieves these diseases. Heat is suppurative, but not in all kinds of sores, but when it is, it furnishes the greatest test of their being free from danger.

    It softens the skin, makes it thin, removes pain, soothes rigor, convulsions, and tetanus. It removes affections of the head, and heaviness of it. It is particularly efficacious in fractures of the bones, especially of those which have been exposed, and most especially in wounds of the head, and in mortifications and ulcers from cold; in herpes exedens, of the anus, the privy parts, the womb, the bladder, in all these cases heat is agreeable, and brings matters to a crisis; but cold is prejudicial, and does mischief.

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    Cold water is to be applied in the following cases; when there is a hemorrhage, or when it is expected, but not applied to the spot, but around the spot whence the blood flows; and in inflammations and inflammatory affections, inclining to a red and subsaguineous color, and consisting of fresh blood, in these cases it is to be applied but it occasions mortification in old cases; and in erysipelas not attended with ulceration, as it proves injurious to erysipelas when ulcerated.

    Cold things, such as snow and ice, are inimical to the chest, being provocative of coughs, of discharges of blood, and of catarrhs.

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    Swellings and pains in the joints, ulceration, those of a gouty nature, and sprains, are generally improved by a copious affusion of cold water, which reduces the swelling, and removes the pain; for a moderate degree of numbness removes pain. When persons have intense thirst, it is a good thing if they can sleep off the desire of drinking. Fumigation with aromatics promotes menstruation, and would be useful in many other cases, if it did not occasion heaviness of the head.

    Women in a state of pregnancy may be purged, if there be any urgent necessity or, if the humors be in a state of orgasm? In the first and last periods it must be avoided. It proves fatal to a woman in a state of pregnancy, if she be seized with any of the acute diseases. If a woman with child be bled, she will have an abortion, and this will be the more likely to happen, the larger the foetus. Sneezing occurring to a woman affected with hysterics, and in difficult labor, is a good symptom. When the menstrual discharge is of a bad color and irregular, it indicates that the woman stands in need of purging.

    If, in a woman pregnant with twins, either of her breasts lose its fullness, she will part with one of her children; and if it be the right breast which becomes slender, it will be the male child, or if the left, the female. If a woman who is not with child, nor has brought forth, have milk, her menses are obstructed. If you wish to ascertain if a woman be with child, give her hydromel to drink when she is going to sleep, and has not taken supper, and if she be seized with tormina in the belly, she is with child, but otherwise she is not pregnant.

    Women who are very lean, have miscarriages when they prove with child, until they get into better condition. When women, in a moderate condition of body, miscarry in the second or third month, without any obvious cause, their cotyledones are filled with mucosity, and cannot support the weight of the foetus, but are broken asunder.

    Such women as are immoderately fat, and do not prove with child, in them it is because the epiploon fat? If the portion of the uterus seated near the hip-joint suppurate, it gets into a state requiring to be treated with tents. To procure the expulsion of the secundines, apply a sternutatory, and shut the nostrils and mouth.

    If you wish to stop the menses in a woman, apply as large a cupping instrument as possible to the breasts. If in a woman with child, much milk flow from the breasts, it indicates that the foetus is weak; but if the breasts be firm, it indicates that the foetus is in a more healthy state.

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    In women that are about to miscarry, the breasts become slender; but if again they become hard, there will be pain, either in the breasts, or in the hip-joints, or in the eyes, or in the knees, and they will not miscarry. Women with child who are seized with fevers, and who are greatly emaciated, without any other? In the female flux immoderate menstruation? When the menses are excessive, diseases take place, and when the menses are stopped, diseases from the uterus take place.

    Strangury supervenes upon inflammation of the rectum, and of the womb, and strangury supervenes upon suppuration of the kidney, and hiccup upon inflammation of the liver. If a woman do not conceive, and wish to ascertain whether she can conceive, having wrapped her up in blankets, fumigate below, and if it appear that the scent passes through the body to the nostrils and mouth, know that of herself she is not unfruitful. Women who have the uterus cold and dense compact?