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This is a dangerous question because you may lose a great many years to find an answer! Life will give the answers of the questions you have not even asked! Confusion is excellent. Questions are awesome.

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All these are attempts to expand the wisdom of mind. Ask: what do you believe in? What do you hope for? But most important - ask: what do you love? All answers to how are knowledge. A field of Nuts. That is one particular problem many will face. Can I go into a phone booth and dial any phone number and get home? I could be sincere, but I could be sincerely wrong.

Asking questions is more important than finding answers -- why?

You see, it all depends on which direction you take. The Bible tells us that on the road to heaven, there are only two directions: toward Christ or away from Him. How will doing some good works, that we should have done all our lives, make up for all the countless times we failed? You see, heaven is a perfect place and that means only perfect people get to go there. So God came up with Plan B. He came to earth in human form, Jesus Christ, and He lived a perfect life and now He offers to let us go to heaven on His ticket.

And I pray that you will trust Jesus Christ and stop trying to bat a thousand — because you ended up not doing that a long time ago. In fact, the Bible declares that God is loving and patient and not willing that anybody should perish. He wants everybody to come to repentance and to come to know Him. If God is a perfectly loving and righteous God, then He will figure out ways to help people understand Him.

He somehow reveals the simple truth of the gospel to people throughout the world. When you look at nature you learn that God is organized, that God is creative, that God likes variety. And as Christians we are called to tell the good news to other people.

You stand at a fork in the road | GRiN:)

But it is our decision to take that news to as many people as possible. And the Bible says we will be held more responsible because we have heard and we have known that God is love, that God wants a relationship to us and that God will forgive us if we give our lives to Jesus Christ. We tell them. Then, we leave the result in the hands of a fair, loving, and just God. Well first, let me say that a lot of things have been done in the name of Christianity that Jesus Christ would totally disavow.

Jesus is not interested in the religion of Christianity. Why are there counterfeit dollars in the world? Because there are real dollars in the world. If there were no real dollars, there would be no counterfeits. And if you find counterfeit Christianity in the world, it must mean that somewhere there must be the real thing. A lot of wars have been done in the name of Christianity that Jesus probably would have disavowed. The real issue is: do you know Jesus Christ? What matters is: do you know the real, true, genuine item? Have you ever turned your life over to Jesus Christ?

Is there any right or wrong? By them telling you that, they are imposing their morals on you. The fact is, we all inherently know right from wrong. We just have this weird tendency to disregard it, especially when it conflicts with our desires for pleasure or personal gain.

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And who am I to impose my view of right or wrong on this poor burglar? Of course. Turn the situation around on yourself. Jesus said it best.

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No, when you turn it on yourself, you realize that even inside ourselves God has placed a moral conscience and that conscience tells us when we do right and when we do wrong. And when we violate our conscience, we need forgiveness. What on earth am I here for? Well, you need to understand God to answer that question.

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How do you help the team prioritize competing or simultaneously urgent tasks? In a perfect world, projects would move along a linear trajectory. In reality, there are often competing tasks that all demand immediate attention and resources. This question provides an understanding of how a candidate will handle inevitable snags along the road, and help the team to stay focused. Teams of all sizes will inevitably encounter friction and a member or two who struggle to perform up to standards. The ability to keep people motivated and identify problem areas and how to solve them quickly and efficiently is a fundamental quality in a good project manager.

Every project and organization measures success differently, and there are many factors that go into success in addition to whether a project was completed on time and on budget. This question can help to establish how the candidate evaluates performance and success and whether they can take away lessons for future growth.

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What approach do you take when a project hits a roadblock and does not go according to plan, despite the team's best efforts? Even the best planning can't account for the problems that can develop along the lifeline of a project. What a project manager does when things are going wrong is essential for a project's success.

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