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On the busiest days up to 15 visitors tour the park, more than half of whom enter the complex via the so-called western ramp. At the busiest times up to 1 people can enter the park this way. More than 75 percent of visitors come to the park to view the historical buildings, above all the world-famous Sansoucci summer palace of Frederick II.

However, the palace itself only has a capacity for 1 visitors a day. Increasing visitor numbers lead to damage to the building substance, delays and long queues which adversely affect the visitor experience. Furthermore, many visitors are not aware of additional attraction such as the Neues Palais.

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Zugleich sollte sich dadurch auch die Parkplatzsituation verbessern. These proposals included a shuttle service that would make it easier for visitors to get from one end of the park to another. Suggestions were also made to improve the parking situation. It became clear that comprehensive, coordinated, structural intervention was required.

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Analyses and suggested solutions dealt with the entire park and with guiding visitors inside the buildings. For example, it was suggested that a vertical arrangement of the guide routes in the Neues Palais could expand the viewing possibilities, since creating access to the building via different entrances would create routes through the complex that did not intersect with one another.

The inclusion of other new attractions could also offer alternatives to an exclusive focus on viewing the palace. The construction of other entrances could also help create temporary exhibition spaces to encourage people to visit again. The vertical arrangement also means that individual wings of the building can be closed for renovation and remodeling. Bestimmungen zur Unfallsicherheit und des Brandschutzes sind unbedingt einzuhalten. In diesem Zusammenhang empfiehlt sich das Studium entsprechender Fachliteratur. The technical quality of an exhibition is determined by the quality of tenders.

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Often the best contractors are not the lowest-priced. Ensuring high quality requires an absolutely precise description of what is planned. Above all in the case of state clients, this requires close attention to a range of legal regulations and rules, particularly if tenders are being invited from abroad.

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Ordinances covering accident and fire security must be unconditionally observed. All conservational guidelines should be checked with the client and included as particular conditions in the specifications for tenders. It also is recommended that you consult the available specialist literature. Diese sollten immer als verbindliche Arbeitsgrundlage vereinbart werden.

Good time management is crucial if procedural problems are to be avoided and should be agreed upon as a mandatory basis for project work. Und dann nehmen Sie diesen Stein in ganz kleinen Mengen oder in riesigen Mengen, er wird wieder anders. Und dann halten Sie ihn ins Licht, er wird nochmal anders.

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  4. And then take a small quantity of this stone or a large quantity; it will be different again. And then hold it in the light; it will be different again. Even just one material contains a thousand possibilities. Farbe und Material. Objekte einbringen. Typografie und Grafik. Colors and Materials. Installing Objects. Test construction of exhibition facility. The production phase is the phase in which designs are implemented. Even if design decisions are still being made at this point, the major part of the design should now be realized in terms of material, form and color.

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    This is a complex process involving the production of models and test builds and the organization and approval of the final form the exhibition is to take. This phase also includes the design of information areas both in terms of texts and pictures. The last step entails the installation of the objects in the exhibition space. It is recommended that specialist firms should also be contracted for this task since mounting exhibits that are often delicate and usually valuable requires particular skill and experience with conservational guidelines. A good example of this aspect can be found in the process by which the wall color was selected for the Painting 1 Ralf Beil, Zeitmaschine, Ostfildern , S.

    Gallery in the Quistorp Building of the Pomeranian Museum. Paradox ist der Gedanke, der dieser Gestaltungshaltung zugrunde liegt. The decision was based on comparative reference to a range of examples. At the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, the extremely light gray walls provide an ideal background for the works exhibited there. Indeed, the Fondation Beyeler can be regarded as a presentational paradigm of the 20 th - century art museum, which was characterized by standardized lighting, white walls and the consistent separation of architecture, interior design and art.

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    However, the basis of this design approach is paradoxical. The artwork is supposed to be stripped of the decorative function it originally had in 19 th - century bourgeois society. White walls and the removal of all disruptive elements from the space are supposed facilitate concentration on the works themselves.

    However, the end result is that the white walls tend to eclipse the images mounted on them. An ideal background is therefore a wall color that is darker than the lightest point in the pictures hung on them. This creates a contrast that gives the lights in the image more depth and imbues the picture with a glowing effect. In general, the choice of wall color should be such that the pictures achieve their optimal effect. However, it is also valid to choose a color that makes a reference to the period in which the exhibit was created.

    Materials and surface texture play an equally important role.

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    The effect of vividly colored walls, such as those found Selection of colors in the Painting Gallery of the Pomeranian Museum. The wall sections covered with raw silk create a historical reference and emphasize certain selected works. The choice of wall color can prove to be very complex, as illustrated by the example of the Painting Gallery in the Quistorp Building in Greifswald. Barbara Schock-Werner, a professor of art history and qualified architect recommended a clearly defined cautious approach of gradated, achromatic colors.

    However, it was the carefully coordinated gray tones suggested by the museum curator, Birte Frenssen, that were ultimately chosen. Die Mobiliarfarbe ist aus diesem Farbklima als etwas dunklerer, gebrochener Ton gemischt. Die Helligkeit des Mobiliars liegt im mittleren Tonwertbereich und steht nicht in Konkurenz zu den sehr lichten, farbigen Decken. Color concept for the Wiblingen Abbey museum.

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    Each room was given its own atmosphere by the color of the stucco ceiling and the corresponding wall color. The concept extends to the furnishings, which were to be harmoniously integrated into the color climate. The color of the furnishings combines elements of this color scheme in somewhat darker tones. The brightness of the furnishings is in the middle of the tonal range and does not compete with the very light, colorful ceilings.

    Ausstellungsobjekte verdienen einen besonderen Schutz. Je nach Art, Wert und Beschaffenheit des Exponats gelten spezielle Auflagen, die in der Regel als konservatorische Bedingungen beschrieben werden. Diese beziehen sich auf allgemeine Standards hinsichtlich der Beleuchtung, Luftfeuchtigkeit, Temperatur, Behandlung bzw. The last stage before opening an exhibition involves installing the objects.

    Any construction work, particularly any involving dust, must have been concluded by this time. Exhibition objects require particular protection. Depending on the type, value and condition of the exhibit there are certain stipulations that need to be observed, and these are generally referred to as conservational conditions. These relate to general standards regarding lighting, humidity, temperature, handling and operation, presentation, security and exhibition duration. The standards set by the museum or lending party must be strictly observed.

    Es ist jedoch durchaus sinnvoll, ein umfassendes typografisches Konzept zu erstellen, das sich auf alle Bereiche der Kommunikation mit den Besuchern erstreckt. Auch die Gestaltung eines Orientierungssystemes kann Bestandteil eines einheitlichen, gestalterischen Gesamtkonzeptes sein. In den The exhibition graphics, or exhibition didactics, refers to a specific area involving the conveying of information that is not communicated by the presentation of the objects alone.

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    We are concerned here with the design of the explanatory level, the user interface: the connection of object and meaning and thus the interaction of museum and visitor.