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They spent time chatting with curious local residents, and threw street parties inspired by notions of leisure and friendship in the context of resistance. These divisions led to tensions, at times, with the more combative and doctrinaire activists in Mong Kok, who tended to regard the anarchists as lacking in zeal.

At one point, the anarchists rolled out a ping-pong table and prepared a hot-pot dinner in the streets, inviting other protesters to share the meal. They accused the anarchists of trivializing the struggle and turning it into a carnival, and went so far as to distribute a poster that labelled Ah Lai a Chinese Communist Party informant. The pro-democracy protesters have put up a final show of resistance, turning up in large numbers on Wednesday night, a week after they reclaimed a major road in Admiralty following an aggressive foray by police.

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Others have taken part in fasting, in twenty-eight-hour rotations, in reference to September 28th, when police used unprecedented amounts of tear gas on protesters. They were released without arrest.

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The anarchists were already avoiding the Mong Kok encampment after the hot-pot incident, and, with more trouble in the offing, they have returned to the work they were doing before the protests began. The action posed no direct threat to the authorities, but the anarchists have always seen their fight as a long-term one, and a part of their daily lives.

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Shortest Way Home , by Pete Buttigieg Becoming , by Michelle Obama Our Revolution , by Bernie Sanders Higher Loyalty , by James Comey Books by and about the presidential election. What Happened , by Hillary Clinton Trump vs.

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Hard Choices , by Hillary Clinton Outsider in the White House , by Bernie Sanders Book Reviews from Amazon. OR click on an issue category below for a subset. Pundits on the left: Saul Alinsky , political activist from the s who, many claim, provided the political basis for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

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James Carville , leading political strategist for Bill Clinton , and a Democratic Party political thought-leader currently. Noam Chomsky , a leftist rather than a liberal. Arianna Huffington , runs the Huffington Post, a popular progressive blog. Also ran for Governor of California opposing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Pundits on the right: Milton Friedman , a libertarian Nobel-prize-winning economist who wrote Capitalism and Freedom and other explorations that have become the basis for current Republican economic plans. Ayn Rand , the Objectivist philosopher from the s, whose several books provide the basis for much current conservative politics. Donald Trump , the New York City real estate mogul who routinely suggests he is running for President, Mayor, or other office; in fact he has written a serious policy book so we count him as a political pundit.

Sit-down strikes really frighten the business world. Abolish corporate personhood via Constitutional Amendment.


Occupy movement put "income inequality" on the agenda. Stakeholders should have as high priority as shareholders. Hand over reconstructed auto industry to the auto workers.