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Additionally, there does seem to be an interplay between magnesium deficiency and suppressed testosterone levels. Your digestive track does more than just digest food. For gut health, aside from cleaning up your diet, probiotics can help. Eat fermented foods like yoghurt, or things like sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi. Some people almost never eat fish. Supplementing with fish oil is a good way to increase the amount of omega-3 acids in your diet.

The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind

Most often the effect noticed with fish oil is reduction in soreness. But fish oil also has cognitive and mood-boosting benefits. Bone broth contains saturated fat from bone marrow, and getting enough healthy saturated fat is critical for hormonal health. You also get the benefits of the collagen in the bone marrow, which improves your joint health. Olive oil is excellent for cardiovascular health. Just make sure you get real olive oil, and not fake olive oil.

This can seem like a huge chore, but the evidence for plastics being an environmental xenoestrogen that damages everything from fish to polar bears is very powerful.

In your daily life, you can avoid plastic by eating whole foods, storing foods in glass containers, and reducing the amount of processed food in your diet. Be reasonable about this—obviously it is not realistic to eliminate all the plastic in your life, unless you plan on living in the woods and carving and forging your own furniture and tools. I see no reason why any man should consume it. This is not to mention most foods that contain processed soy protein and soybean oil are highly unhealthy and awful for you on multiple levels cardiovascular, hormonal, digestive, cognitive.

Cut the soy out your life, gentlemen. They contain monounsaturated fat, which is the exact kind of fat you want to be consuming for healthy testosterone levels. Cruciferous vegetables—e.

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They also improve digestive health and are a great source of fiber. Add them into your diet as much as possible. I mentioned eggs before in this list, and I will mention them again here. They contain healthy fat, protein, and practically every vitamin except vitamin C. Vitamin B contributes to a multitude of metabolic processes.


Deficiencies adversely affect energy, mood, strength, and concentration. Some research also suggests a deficiency can contribute to lower testosterone levels.

I usually recommend Zinc in the form of ZMA which also contains magnesium. Turmeric is a very powerful antioxidant and anti-estrogen. Besides reducing estrogen levels, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory. This supports overall hormonal health and helps elevate testosterone levels.

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Recommended product. I recently discovered the virtues of ginger while exploring ways for a client to improve his cholesterol levels he was overweight at the time. Ginger surprised with its many health benefits. That said, it is not a testosterone booster, but an overall improver of health as a whole. Excess stimulant consumption of caffeine and energy drinks increases cortisol. Which means it decreases T levels.

How To Naturally Boost Your IQ, Memory, Brain Power, & Intelligence – EOC Institute

Caffeinated drinks can mask excess cortisol, and they certainly mask sleep deficits and being under-recovered. If you need coffee simply to feel semi-normal, and drink stimulant drinks throughout the day, you need to cut back. Try using non-caffeinated energy products like RED to increase your energy levels instead.

It decreases the conversion of estrogen, and synergistically helps to increase testosterone production. If your natural T levels are truly low, combine it with Aggressive Strength mentioned in previous point. Intermittent fasting is a very effective strategy for reducing body-fat levels and improving dietary behaviors.

Moreover, it is fairly easy to implement due to the time-based nature of it. Being strong and muscular leads to increased testosterone levels. Conversely, increased testosterone levels facilitates greater strength and muscle gains. Lifting also leads to improved self-confidence, metabolic health, movement economy, and quality of life as a whole. Compound movement should comprise the majority of your training.

These include squats, deadlifts, rows, presses, dips, chinups, pushups, lunges, and loaded carries. As I mentioned above, higher lean body mass correlates to higher testosterone levels. As a major benefit, you are also stronger, and harder to kill. And more useful in general. This is not a complicated point. Muscle is the holy grail for health. This is the most direct way to assess if you are building muscle and losing fat. How many pushups, chinups, dips, lunges, and squats can you do in one set? Aim for these numbers:.

Sprinting builds leg strength, improves conditioning, and increases fat burning provided you are in a caloric deficit. It also improves relative bodyweight strength, and generally makes you more athletic. Do sprints of some kind as part of your training. If you want to know how to get started, I have a whole article on the subject: How to start sprinting.

Excess fat increases the secretion of estrogen, inflammation, decreases testosterone, and leads to reduced insulin sensitivity. These are not things you want to happen.

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Stay lean and do not let your body-fat percentage rise above the mid-teens, ever. HIIT cardio is time-efficient, improves endurance and cardiovascular health, increases bloodflow, can help you get leaner. There are many different forms of HIIT—sprints, sleds, running, hills, swimming, weights—find something that works for you. This means exactly what it says. Walking is an ancient health secret , and people overlook it simply because of how mundane it seems as a suggestion. Walking can help you get leaner, reduce stress, improve bloodflow, improve recovery, increase focus.

Sunlight exposure and testosterone levels unequivocally go together. Increased sunlight increases vitamin D levels, which in turn leads to increased T levels. There is conflicting arguments over the effect of smoking on T levels, but smoking also reduces bloodflow, and contributes to erectile dysfunction.

A functional penis will do more for your T levels and quality of life than a broken one. Do what you need to do to improve your sleep. Cut down on bluelight exposure, turn down the lights, quiet the mind, manage your time better, and get an alarm clock.