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She is a great friend and always has your back in a harsh time.

Katya Jones

She is a lover and falls in love hard and fast. Dont mess with a katya because when it comes to protecting herself or the people she loves she turns into a bitch faster than the flip of a switch. Dont mess with katya bro, she'll make you regret it. A super nice Russian girl. She is very pretty and smart, and a great friend to have around. She is outgoing and she will stand up for anything she believes in, or if someone is getting hurt.

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She kicks butt, and is tall. However she likes things going her way, and sometimes forgets your even there. Otherwise she is the bomb.

Denis & Katya - Opera Philadelphia

You guys look! Its Katya , the coolest person on earth!! A very smart and beautiful Russian girl who became a good friend. That Girl is a real Katya :.

Girl preferably Russian who is quite sexy, and should be pounced on immediately. Frank : Dude that chick is a total Katya Bob: I agree.

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Super nice girl who loves to sing and and loves to have fun. Tae kwon do is something that Katya is amazing at. Katyas are usually very smart and do great in school.

Katya Zamolodchikova

Katyas are almost always very attractive. Person 1: Is that a Katya? Person 2 : Yea, obviously look at her Tae Kwon Do skills. An incredibly perfect Russian girl with gleaming greenish brown eyes that makes my day. The sweetest and most supportive person on the planet, she never lets you down and always can bring your mood up significantly.

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The presenter appeared to get off to a good start, however this quickly changed when he teamed up with Katya. At the end of the dance, Mike was left on the floor and faced rejection from his own partner, Katya Jones. The couple's body language showed Katya could have been rejecting her partner at the end of the dance.

Katya being iconic all season long

Saffron Barker's Strictly costume missing this detail - is that why she is in the bottom? Emma Barton: Strictly star uses this trick to stay slim - does she follow a diet plan?

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Strictly Come Dancing Katya Jones.