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John J. Blanchard

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Yeah all this t [ C ] ime things were rockin' in the m [ A ] ind. Bl [ D ] anchard. His major book Does God believe in Atheists?

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Blanchard is now heavily committed to Popular Christian Apologetics, a project involving writing, speaking, teaching and broadcasting in defense of the Christian faith. Following on from Does God Believe in Atheists? Click here to find out more about this project or browse the links on the right.

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John Blanchard is a member of Banstead Community Church , located in the Surrey village in which he lives. On 11 April he married Pam Robertson, a long-time friend of the family. Unwrapped is a great starting point for new Christians, but also a lovely fresher for long-standing believers. A delight. Biblical, comprehensive and practical, this is a very welcome addition to the small number of books available for those who have recently become Christians.

It is ideal to give to a new Christian, but also to be read by any believer who wants to be reminded of the great blessings and ongoing duties of the Christian life. He then sets out to be our tour guide of this glorious environment.