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Neil inspires the students among us today, who will carry on with the search for life on Mars and Europa. They will solve cosmic mysteries that many of us have yet to even imagine. It's an honor to know him.

Beyond the Horizon

Earlier that day, Nye and members of The Planetary Society Board of Directors hosted a building dedication ceremony at The Society's new headquarters nearby. A Family Space Fair followed, featuring author book signings, activities for children and tours of the new office space. Flyby data have already solved one of Ultima's mysteries, showing that the Kuiper Belt object is spinning like a propeller with the axis pointing approximately toward New Horizons.

This explains why, in earlier images taken before Ultima was resolved, its brightness didn't appear to vary as it rotated. The team has still not determined the rotation period.

As the science data began its initial return to Earth, mission team members and leadership reveled in the excitement of the first exploration of this distant region of space. This is exploration at its finest," said Adam L. We're looking forward to seeing the next chapter. The New Horizons spacecraft will continue downloading images and other data in the days and months ahead, completing the return of all science data over the next 20 months. Bush was in the White House, Twitter had just been launched and Time Magazine's Person of the Year was "you — all the worldwide web users.

Almost 13 years after the launch, the spacecraft will continue its exploration of the Kuiper Belt until at least Look no further than this guide for all your gift-giving needs - with an emphasis on tikkun olam, the repair of our broken world. Want to explore Reform Judaism but have no in-person opportunities to study?

This class is for you! Reform Zionism is a continuation of the early Zionist dream to foster a living, breathing national culture that represents the highest ideals of Jewish peoplehood. What does it mean to stand up for your people unequivocally if they physically harm you because they disagree with you so vehemently? Features the phrase "Well-behaved women rarely make history" and the WRJ logo. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager.

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D'var Torah By:. Joseph A. But Moses asks, "Could enough flocks and herds be slaughtered to suffice them? Our ancestors disagreed about this question and what it said about Moses' state of mind. Davar Acher By:.

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We assembled a group of Reform Jewish clergy and educators to help. Sacred Texts Podcasts Jewish Glossary. Sarah lived to be years old--such was the span of Sarah's life.

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