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Keep in mind that electrons are both a particle AND a wave. In fact protons, electrons and neutrons are elementary particles. There is mass and substance there. From whence do these particles come from? Nothing is created out of nothing. The "energy-based way" is just further up the food chain than the "ectoplasmic-based way" The foundational source of each are one and same though.

Thanks, that's plausible too. I've encountered people online who seem to have various degrees of remote electronic mind control. From what I can tell, it's primarily done through transmitted speech and text, more so than direct control of a person's visual system. It's easy to do with microwave tech and implants. A lot can be done with speech and text alone. Like direct voice-to-skull for "hearing voices" type harassment. Or transmitting only when a person is asleep for dream control and hypnotic programming.

In a deep hypnotic or dream state, the spoken script can become a visualized scene, same way you "see" a scene when reading a novel. Or it can simply bypass the conscious mind and dream process altogether, and dump thousands of subliminal repetitions into the subconscious to drive you toward depression, isolation, suicide, or whatever. Microwaves can also cause headaches and temple pressure, fatigue, aggravation, numbness, and electrical tingling. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.

There is evidence for both. I'd go further, and say there are aspects of the alien phenomenon that cannot be fully explained by either electronic methods or demons.

Soyou want to be a Park Ranger! by David L. Rose

Fore highlighted some differences between aliens and demons. As far as I'm aware, demons simply don't have advanced scientific knowledge, real technology, tangible ships, bases, or bodies for that matter. That's why in the Venn Diagram, I like having many circles, because they're all needed to cover all the observed examples.

Just as there is only a set number of ways to power a light bulb Just remembered, what about that reptilian creature you once observed, that had the signature of a spiritual [nonphysical] entity despite appearing outwardly alien? The one that might have been what Traynor referred to as a "Zard" [short for Liz-zard]?

Where would that being fit into all this?

The Imminent Ice Age

I'm sure many people would find that diagram very useful! Just remembered, what about that reptilian creature you once observed, that had the signature of a spiritual [nonphysical] entity despite appearing outwardly alien? I have only witnessed three individual entities I could say are clearly reptillian or have reptillian-esque features.

The one that attempted to solicit me shortly after the Advisor and the Grey ended the project. An Entity using a British [English] speaking voice whom presented me with options and said it would be in the area if interested for a number of days. It stated that it worked with the US government. Whether that is true or not, it seemed to act, behave and speak like any "normal" ET. LOL Another was an entity I once encountered in a prior home that I had lived in for many years, it came from a fissure in "Influence" space above a bed.

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It bumped into something and had all the particular behaviors of an intelligently aware [purely spiritual] paranormal presence. It was taller than me if I recall correctly. It observed me as I encountered it and then it rentered the fissure and disappeared from the room at the center of the fissure. Psychics tend to call these fissures "vortexes or tears or 'portals' ". During the time it was present, I scanned it and noticed it had very strange signatures and an unusual awareness.

It had reptillian like mentality. I was pestering a member called Traynor at the time to send over one of his Alien contacts so that I could observe it. For the record, Traynor claimed none was ever sent after I related the encounter. I had laid down at the time to take a snooze and was awoken by a disturbed family member, they stated as they awoke me that "some presence" was watching them intently through the front door and it's side window.

They said they kept recieving intense chills and other sensations. I got up and went to investigate and indeed, there was a presence standing on the other side of the front door, it was incredibly ceepy and intense in it's emanations. After a while I went to sleep again, and it apparently followed me into the house. As I slept it took it upon itself to grab my hand and pull on me. I awoke to find it floating in mid air and scanned it several times and confirmed it was a paranormal presence, not an ET.

It's signature had the strangest variations of a reptillian-esque features.

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It reminded me ever so slightly of the other paranormal reptillian but there were differences. After much thought and analysis I determined it was soem kind of unknown Demon type that I had no frequent encounters with. Even after I awoke I could still notice its psychic connection. The second is some kind of unknown paranormal spiritual.

The third is clearly some kind of Demonic paranormal spiritual. I suppose there must be reptillian life out there somewhere. What the paranormal ones were when [or if] they were ever alive Seems there is an interest in us that we don't understand. Demons are interested in us, aliens are interested in us and we become interested when we get glimpses of either of them.

I still do not understand, with their otherworldly knowlege and experiences, why are they interested in us. The only possible reasoning is that we share something or have something that they lost or will never attain, that or they are us, only in another form or time. Once we realize the connection, we'll understand their interest and motivation. Until then, I can only think of them as puzzling curiosities; to be ignored when I have more important things on my mind One other thing, I'm currently maintaining the telephones in the Aerospace division of Ball Corporation. I might be on the wrong track, but I swear some of those people are from another planet.

I understand the need for nerds and geeks, but some of these people act very peculiar Another possible explaination is that Demons are the pre-deluvian hybrids [disincarnates] who are now dead spirts walking the earth like in the Bible? Might relate to the Titans of Greek mythology. They were giants, like the Biblical Nephilim. They once ruled the earth during a golden age i.

So dark and sunless is Tartarus that its gloom has its own personification - Erebus.

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To reach Tartarus an anvil dropped from the surface would fall for nine days. It is below the roots of the earth and the sea. Surrounded by a bronze fence with gates of iron it is used as the ultimate place of imprisonment. The Hecatoncheires act as its guards. Zeus imprisoned most of the Titans here. I haven't yet studied comparative demonology from different cultures, but that could hold some answers.

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Here is one of my musings from trying to unite the Biblical story to the modern world and ET life forms. Sounding like Dan Smith there, ha. Yes, I see personal evidence of that. Or at least, of there being UTs that do have direct control over reality down to the minutest mundane detail if they wish and can do things that aliens cannot. One day I'd like to ask about and discuss the relation between the higher mind, higher order entities, and this possible 'super reality' -- and to what extent these things influence our perceived collective reality down here.

That's possible too, could be the ultimate goal of the hybrid breeding program, to create a species that can be fully incarnated into by negative UTs. Maybe that's already been done, with some reptilians being examples, and we're next? Though at the moment, what you described sounds more like those nonphysical higher ups that ETs are always taking orders from, whom we don't know much about.

Secrets of an Irresistible Woman

Maybe they're on the other side of the life line, and have their henchmen here working on their behalf. Reminds me of the movie "Chronicles of Riddick. What I mean is, compared to UTs, they seem immature rather than crippled or bound, if that makes any sense.

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If they stayed that way, that fits demons pretty well. Or maybe demons are original creations of this underworld of ours. Maybe they are its best attempt at creating its own version of positive UTs -- kind of like a negative reaction to a positive divine action, or like a mirror image in water that's as deep down as the original image is high up. Literally, the 'angels' of the 'anti-heaven. That suggests some kind of parity or symmetry between the two, like they have something in common, like two ends of the same spectrum.

Like cops and robbers. Conversely, if you have an alien problem, it seems other aliens are the ones who step in. Or between spiritual guardian and negative ETs trying to compromise you? Or between alien caretaker and a nasty negative discarnate you recounted that one once? And so on. Or -- can of worms -- between negative ETs and the negative discarnates and demons, which you once theorized may have been employed by the first as a control mechanism. I've heard that MILABs and trauma-based mind control victims can have demons installed in them for such a purpose.

I'm just throwing out some idea's here but in regards to ETs Because their own technology was millions of years ahead of our while they lived in an incarnate state on their respective planet, they carried over those aspects of that technology after they transited over to the astral realms where they are much more effective in transdimensional communication and other kinds of technological feats when relating in different ways to our own physical plane here than say I'm a long time experimenter and researcher in the ITC field, based on our communications from those who dwell in those realms outside of our own, the information we have received is that the astral realm is organized like interconnected Mandelbrot Sets not like a layered cake Many of those populations of disincarnates from other places and era's in our universe live in their own sector within those sets where they are not in communication and are isolated from other sectors.

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This could explain why channelers, for example will receive communication from a being who claims to be from another planet other than earth who will share their information on their own cosmology and many other things too where they will also insist that everything they say is the ONLY TRUTH and that there are no other versions of the kind of information they are sharing. But we already know that contactee's and channeler's each have their own versions of reality that is being communicated to them from their contacts.

Those contacts may not even know that other communicator's from other places from their realm exist hence why they are not sharing information between them The implications for all of this needs to be evaluated by the discerning receiver on our plane of information received from communicators from other realms for this reason..