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Opens in neighborhood houses Friday. As a rule, a performer's asking price zooms immedi ately after he becomes.

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Lewi makes one of his rare Chicago appearances when he comes to the Gai Paris Supper club Tuesday for two weeks. Also in the how will be Anamorena, j; vocalist, and a chorus line. Negroes generally have found it difficult to find roles they believe to be convincing and he discussed the fact that many film executives are afraid of blunt truths.

One scene called for him to slug Steiger, which upset some nervous character who felt - it would be controversial. Peters said quietly "I've been hit by a white man, and I know white , men have been. However, on his return to New York he auditioned for a role in "Porgy and Bess" and landed the lead part of Jim. Then he made records and toured with "Showboat,'!

After "Mocking - Bird" he made the memorable "The L-Sbaped Room" written and directed by Bryan Forbes and starring Les- ' lie Caron, which broke box office records ' in the art houses in this area. M Bsta. M MATS. Hton H4.

M Bait. M Fri.

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V EVE. D Xttna. Data RaqaMtad Plata llt 2 altonwta ata. You have no further evidence, I suppose, than that which you have placed before us—no suggestive de- tail which might help us? He rummaged in his coat pocket, and, drawing out a piece of discoloured, blue- tinted paper, he laid it out upon the table. I found this single sheet upon the floor of his room, and I am inclined to think that it may be one of the papers which has, perhaps, fluttered out from among the others, and in that way has es- caped destruction.

Beyond the mention of pips, I do not see that it helps us much. I think myself that it is a page from some private diary. The writing is undoubtedly my uncle's. It was headed, "March, ," and be- neath were the following enigmatical notices: "4th. Hudson came. Same old platform. McCauley cleared. John Swain cleared.

Visited Paramore. All well. We cannot spare time even to discuss what you have told me. You must get home instantly and act.

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It must be done at once. You must put this piece of paper which you have shown us into the brass box which you have described. You must also put in a note to say that all the other papers were burned by your uncle, and that this is the only one which remains. You must assert that in such words as will carry conviction with them.

Having done this, you must at once put the box out upon the sundial, as directed. Do you understand? I think that we may gain that by means of the law; but we have our web to weave, while theirs is already woven. The first con- sideration is to remove the pressing danger which threatens you. The second is to clear up the mystery and to punish the guilty parties.

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I shall cer- tainly do as you advise. And, above all, take care of yourself in the meanwhile, for I do not think that there can be a doubt that you are threatened by a very real and imminent danger.

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How do you go back? The streets will be crowded, so I trust that you may be in safety. And yet you cannot guard yourself too closely. To-morrow I shall set to work upon your case. It is there that I shall seek it.

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  5. I shall take your advice in every particular. Outside the wind still screamed and the rain splashed and pattered against the windows. This strange, wild story seemed to have come to us from amid the mad elements—blown in Sherlock Holmes sat for some time in silence, with his head sunk forward and his eyes bent upon the red glow of the fire.

    Then he lit his pipe, and leaning back in his chair he watched the blue smoke-rings as they chased each other up to the ceiling.

    Check out these top New Zealand tours

    Save, perhaps, that. And yet this John Openshaw seems to me to be walking amid even greater perils than did the Sholtos. Who is this K. As Cuvier could correctly describe a whole animal by the contemplation of a single bone, so the observer who has thoroughly understood one link in a series of incidents should be able to accurately state all the other ones, both before and after. We have not yet grasped the results which the reason alone can attain to. Problems may be solved in the study which have baffled all those who have sought a solution by the aid of their senses. To carry the art, however, to its highest pitch, it is necessary that the reasoner should be able to utilise all the facts which have come to his knowledge; and this in itself implies, as you will readily see, a possession of all knowledge, which, even in these days of free education and encyclopaedias, is a somewhat rare accomplishment.

    It is not so impossible, however, that a man should possess all know- ledge which is likely to be useful to him in his work, and this I have endeavoured in my case to do. If I remember rightly, you Philosophy, astronomy, and politics were marked at zero, I re- member. Botany variable, geology profound as regards the mud-stains from any region within fifty miles of town, chem- istry eccentric, anatomy unsystematic, sensational literature and crime records unique, violin-player, boxer, swordsman, lawyer, and self-poisoner by cocaine and tobacco.

    Those, I think, were the main points of my analysis. Now, for such a case as the one which has been submitted to us to-night, we need certainly to muster all our resources. Kindly hand me down the letter K of the 'American Encyclopaedia' which stands upon the shelf be- side you. Thank you. Now let us consider the situation and see what may be deduced from it. In the first place, we may start with a strong presumption that Colonel Openshaw had some very strong reason for leaving America. Men at his time of life do not change all their habits and exchange willingly the charming climate of Florida for the lonely life of an English provincial town.

    His extreme love of solitude in England sug- gests the idea that he was in fear of someone or something, so we may assume as a working hypothesis that it was fear of someone or something which drove him from America. As to what it was he feared, we can only deduce that by considering the formidable letters which were received by himself and his successors. Did you remark the postmarks of those letters? What do you deduce from that? That the writer was on board of a ship.